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Are you considering purchasing a puppy from Tasdale Kennels?  if so we want you to be aware of the time and effort that has gone into our dogs over the years.  with 43 years in the breed, we have invested in new bloodlines from around the world. We health test our breeding stock, and make sure all puppies are introduced to a variety of stimulants before they go to thier new homes.  They are introduced to children, cats and other dogs.  We try to expose the pups to a variety of situations.  Your puppy will have been fed quality foods and have been vet checked and vaccinated.  We offer our puppy buyers after sales service,  with information, advise and offer grooming advise. In the event that the any health issues or other concerns arrise, we  request that you  immediatley inform us, as our policy on refunds or exchange are that the pup  must be returned to us for a refund or exchange.

 Puppies from Tasdale may not be the cheapest but as they say 

"You get what you pay for"








We are extremely happy and to be honest, very amazed at how clever-responsive-adaptable and affectionate she is !!!

She is VERY clever !!

This cleverness may cause some issues (talking from prior experience with heading pups) later on, but I don't think with Belka this will be an issue.


Lena went for huge walk around hills today, and the "Weka interlude" happened when she got back.

It was extremely funny, Weka played ball with her - amazing really (must be the Sounds living makes it happen)  :-))


So - in a nutshell - couldn't be happier !!!!!!!!


Peter & Lena

Hi Dianne,

Thought it about time that we let you know how Kim is doing.

 We are really delighted with our new family member, she is full of life and has a delightful attitude and has certainly taken over our home, which we love.

 It took her about three weeks to settle in and let us out of her sight for a time, if she is not with me she is with Barrie and in between she checks on the other, just to make sure that we are OK

 She has the most delightful way of waking you in the morning, she comes up and quietly nuzzles your hair, then when you show signs of life, she flops and demands her tummy rubbed.

 She has made friends with our neighbours cat,and while they were overseas the pair shared the furniture and also the bed.

 Gets on well with other family dogs when we have family get together's which is just great.

 We are well pleased and want to say thank you for raising a beautiful natured companion.

 Also her brief encounter with a vehicle has made her traffic shy, which is great as living on the main road could have been a problem- she stays back from the gate and fence.

 Cheers for now,

Dot ,Barrie & Kim.   Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.


" Hi - wee Baxter is settling in really well and he is everything and more in your description of the breed.  The grand kids love him to bits as he is so frendly and playful.  What a fantastic wee dog.  Cheers Andrew Collins"



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