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The Australian Terrier is what I call a big dog in a little parcel.  They are energetic but their needs are modest, making them an appealing little dog that fits into most environments.  They are very good hunters of rabbits, mice and rats and have proved themselves in contests with many Australian snakes.

The Aussie as he is affectionately known likes to cuddle up on the couch with you as much as he loves a free run outside.

They are generally healthy dogs with relatively few hereditary health problems.  However  there are a few known diseases they may acquire and it is best to talk to the breeder about the health testing they conduct.  It is fortunate nowadays that we have DNA testing that can take place before any prospective dogs are used for breeding purposes.

The Australian Terrier originates from many different Terrier breeds.  Unfortunately no records were kept by early breeders so it is impossible to determine exactly what proportions of the different breeds were used to produce the final result.  He has the erect ears of the Cairn, the harsh coat of the Scottie, a Dandie Dinmont top-knot, the length of back could have come from the Skye and the Blue & Tan colour from the Yorkshire.  And possibly some Irish Terrier in there too.

The general appearance of the Australian Terrier is that of a sturdy low set dog, rather long in proportion to height.  It's untrimmed harsh coat with definite ruff around the neck extending to the breast bone, and top-knot assists in it's hard bitten and rugged appearance.  (now my own foot note here - Hard bitten appearance - means the overall dog! Hard bitten means - "ruff and ready for a fight"  this is NOT to be confused with hard bitten expression, which I have heard mentioned.  Expression is another thing - the standard says "keen expression")


The Aussie is not difficult to groom or keep tidy,a good comb through with a wide toothed comb keeps him tangle free and a general trim up with scissors around the feet, tail and vent helps to keep him tidy.  However a little more grooming is required for the show ring.  You are best to talk to your breeder for assistance with this.

Below are of the before and after photos of Ricky who was left for up to 6 months without a tidy up so I could enter the grooming competition.  ( I won the best hand strip section of the competition



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